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Wanted: A36 Partnership at T31

I’m looking for a partnership in an A36 Bonanza.  My preference is a two-three person partnership (i.e. 1-2 other people), but I’m willing to consider other arrangements.  The partnership can be an existing partnership in an A36 or a new partnership being formed to purchase an A36.  Please contact Grant Rodolph at 214-289-1235 or (Posted 11/11/2016)

Real Estate 

Wanted: Hangar Space

Seeking rental of a 40x30 T hangar or equivalent.

Contact: Ron Dawes, 214-770-4263,

Posted 01/29/2017

For Rent:  East Side Hangar Space
Contact: Aero Country Hangar Rentals - 10010 Champion Ln. Mckinney Tx. 75071 Tel. 214-402-9754
Updated: 06.29.2017
Seeking one or two partners to share my 1946 PA-12 Piper Super Cruiser, based at T31.  Must be tailwheel qualified and proficient.  I can provide checkout in PA-12 for insurance purposes.  Fun and inexpensive flying!  For details, contact Dave White, davewhitepa12sc(at)gmail(dot)com or 972-955-8861 (posted 4/14/17)