Airport Construction Project Status...IMPORTANT

T31/ Aero Country Airport Users

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Maintenance project to seal cracks, perform seal coat and begin painting.

Affected Areas:

Runway 17/35, Taxiways, North Taxiway and Grumman 


The work on the runway is 95% complete. We have a 10ft x 10ft section of asphalt at the south end of the runway that is need of repair. This work will be performed sometime in the next two weeks and will be performed on weekdays only. We will provide notice on this event.
This work will not take long and we do not have to close the airport to do this work. The NOTAM notice "men and equipment on airport" will be issued 24 hours prior to work beginning. A small patch to the south taxiway will be performed at the same time.
The last item to wrap up is completing the second coat of yellow paint, which will only require 30 min.
There will be ongoing maintenance completed by Kevin and his aviation students, which includes the runway light "anti-ants" program (our runway ants absolutely love our lamps), along with installing new windsocks.
Although we are not officially completed with this project, the board would like to thank Mr. Hance for his dedication and commitment to this project. Aside from weather delays, he has kept the project inline and on time. If you see him out roaming the grounds, feel free to stop and tell him thanks for his time in keeping our airport updated, safe and looking great. Thank you, Mike!

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