Airport Construction Project Status...IMPORTANT

See detailed description of the various construction phases and anticipated effects on Aero Country users below these dated updates.  


Posted:  Tuesday 25 Oct 2016 

The major aspects of the taxiways, roadway and drainage projects have been completed.

There are some follow up items regarding runway/taxiway markings yet to do.  


Posted:  Tuesday 6 Sept 2016

Phase 2 of the North Tie-In has begun.  Traffic flow has been moved to the east side of the pavement (new concrete).  Traffic cones, ribbons and signage indicate the path to avoid the construction crews.  

The third attachment (at the very bottom of this site page) has a map for your perusal.  


Posted:  Thursday 25 Aug 2016 

Men and their equipment have started the surfacing aspect of Phase One (compacting, forms, rebar, etc.).  The plan is to pour concrete on Tuesday Aug 30th.

The one lane detour around the construction is in effect now.  

Please advise your Renters and Guests of the restrictions and the vigilance needed when traversing airport roads and taxiways near the construction.    

Check NOTAMS for aircraft bulletins.  



Tuesday 23 Aug 2016:

Anderson Paving (the contractor) advised that if no rain falls today (Tuesday), their men and equipment will begin the concrete portion of Phase One early on Wednesday Aug 24th.  

Reminder:  The restrictions are still in place.  Vigilance is needed when driving or taxiing near the construction.  

Check NOTAMS.  

Warning:  this construction will be disruptive to airport opertations.  

As announced earlier, construction began on Monday August 8, 2016.  Due to some contractor scheduling issues and recent inclement weather, the anticipated completion date of Aug 20 has slipped somewhat.     

The airport will remain open during this construction but will be impacted by various closures and detours as needed. 

Check NOTAMS!   

See attachments and/or web site for diagrams.

It is the PILOT’S responsibility to maintain a safe operation.  Your airport Board is doing all it can to not close the airport during this construction period.  Every reasonable accommodation will be made to facilitate aircraft and vehicular traffic around the construction.  There will be men and equipment on and near the runway / taxiway / roadway.  It is the pilot’s responsibility to maintain a safe distance from the construction and not endanger himself or the workers.  The absolute priority is safety followed by the completion of the construction.  Aircraft usage is subordinated to the construction.

The airport cannot guarantee normal airport condition or usage during this construction.  After the project starts on Aug 8, 2016, any close call or flagrant disregard of safety efforts will close the airport to aircraft traffic.  Once the airport is closed, no runway usage will be allowed on either the grass or hard surface during the closure.  The closure will be immediate and posted to the FAA’s NOTAM mechanism.

After the construction crews and equipment are secured at the end of their workday, the airport will reopen for uncontrolled operations.

North Tie-End Phase

The first construction phase will be the Tie-In between the north end of the hard surface runway (17) and the N-S taxiway.  Several drainage issues impacting this area (under the pavement and near the wind sock) will be addressed and the asphalt paving will be replaced with concrete.  Access to 17 can be across the grass or taxi-back from the south end.  The grass runway may also be used during this construction phase.

The construction crews will not have radio contact with aircraft.  Buzz the construction guys and the airport closes.  Remember: practically everyone has camera phones these days.  You can swear on your mother's honor that you were at a 100' but the video may show you below the tree tops.  

Aircraft moving past this area on the taxiway will need to be under tow – hand or tug, as the lane will be narrow and likely littered with gravel and other debris.  For safety’s sake, there can be no spinning props near the workmen.

A temporary runway 17 (hard surface) displaced threshold will be in effect.  This is for landing and takeoff operations.  It will be marked by two yellow panels on either side of the runway near the painted 17 markings.  This is to improve Safety in the construction area.  Be mindful of the reduced runway length. 

When taxiing near the referenced Tie-In to Runway 17, shut down and tow by hand or tug thru the narrow space near the workmen.  This is the only safe transit in this short span of roadway.  Verbal confrontations with the construction workers and/or peppering them with your prop-blast will result in an airport closure.  Please be courteous and mindful of the safety aspect of this operation. 

Businesses:   Ask your Fed Ex and UPS drivers to slow down to 10 mph for safety as it will be a one lane operation. No three or more axle vehicles will be able to traverse this area during this period.

Resealing (sealcoat) of the N-S Taxiway 

This stretch of construction is on the North-South taxiway going north from Mooney Dr. to the end of the airport.  This phase will begin after the Tie-In is completed.  If the weather and stars align, you guys will be traversing it within a couple of days.  Car and light truck traffic will be restricted to one lane.  Please drive below 10 mph when near the workers.  Markings will be non-standard.  Please be courteous.  There will not be flagmen to control traffic flow.

This will impact both aircraft and vehicular movement.  ACPOA and the contractor will do their best to do the project on a Sunday-Monday time frame.  Again, weather and other factors will determine when this phase begins. The sealcoat project will happen after the full completion of the concrete tie-in project.

The Grass Runway will be closed to take offs and landings during this period.  Watch for those “X”s (check NOTAMS).

For those of you that hangar north of Mooney and must use your aircraft during this period, both autos and aircraft can be parked on the WEST side of the Grass runway.   If your aircraft is restricted to hard surface pavement, consider relocating it to the south end, or east side of the field or even off airport.  Crossing the N-S taxiway E to W or W to E during these two days will not be allowed as the new surface needs time to cure.  Understand that this grass parking option entails risk from Mother Nature, other aircraft, vehicles, construction equipment and even vandalism.  Aero Country Airport has no control over these variables.

Drainage and pavement repair at Falcon    

This phase is at the intersection of Falcon taxiway and the N-S taxiway.  The period may be as short as two days.  This actual construction may run concurrently with the other projects and at the contractor's option.  Access to the hard surface runway can be a detour around/across the grass or taxi-back on the hard surface runway.

Drainage repair at the South End   

This is a drainage project at the very south end near the fence.  Impact on aircraft and vehicle operations will be minimal.  This aspect of the construction may run concurrently with the other phases.

Check NOTAMS and the Home Page for the latest updates.  Frequent emails from this source will also keep you up to date.

Inquiries can be addressed by calling Director Mike Hance 972.346.3346.

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