General Airport Rules

The general operation rules at Aero Country are:

  1.  Ground Rules
    1. The only motorized vehicles within the Aero Country Airport shall be golf carts, aircraft tugs and emergency vehicles.
    2. All motorized vehicles within the Aero Country Airport must be operated by a licensed driver, and the maximum speed limit shall be 25 mph.
    3. Children under 16 are not permitted on the runway, taxiway, immediate adjacent grass areas and roads within Aero Country Airport unless accompanied by an adult over 21.
    4. Aircraft have the right-of-way at all times.
    5. ACEA shall prevent non-ACPOA member vehicular access to ACEA Land via Aero Country Road and the Aero Country Airport runway and taxiways.
  2. Aircraft Rules
    1. All radio-equipped aircraft should announce their intentions.
    2. Downwind takeoff and landings are prohibited.
    3. Runway 17 must be used when there is no predominant North-South wind.
    4. The maximum gross weight off any aircraft using Aero Country is 6,500 lbs.
    5. Transient touch-and-go landings are prohibited.
    6. Transient flight training is prohibited.
    7. Transient operations between 2200 and 0600 Local are prohibited.
    8. The aircraft traffic pattern for piston aircraft is 1,000 AGL.
    9.  The aircraft traffic pattern for turbine aircraft is 1,500 AGL.